Formula evening from 19:00 to 21:30

Starter - Main Course or Main Course - Dessert: 18 €

Starter, Main Course and Dessert: 22 €

The dish: 13 €

Menu of the month of January

"Menu of the month of January"

Our menu changes every month depending on which products are in season


Chicken nems salad with golden sesame and honey soy sauce 
Breaded shrimp tails and squid fritters, garden herb tartar sauce 
Country terrine, toast and onion jam 
Terrine with two fish, chives and lime sauce 
Duo of foie gras, duck breast and two jams (4 € extra charge) 
Soup of the moment at your service in soup tureen at the buffet, Gruyère and croutons


Veal Paupiette with smoked bacon and orange beans 
Normand beef burger: beef, camembert, apple, smoked bacon and honey 
Alsatian sauerkraut (pork loin, smoked sausage, smoked bacon) 
Salmon trout and its bacon dress, Jerusalem artichoke sauce 
Cheese, ham and parsley omelette 
Potjevlesch, salad fries (terrine in jelly of 4 white meats)

Rossini beef tournedos, forest sauce and foie gras (supplement € 4) 
Lamb stew simmered tajine way (wait 10 minutes) (supplement 8 €) 
Roasted sea bass fillet with curry butter and sweet spices (8 € extra charge) 
Grilled beef entrecote (300 to 350gr) and green pepper sauce (8 € supplement)


Sainte-Maure de Touraine with refined whole goat's milk and its small green salad 
Lemon pleasure: cake, mini tart and sorbet 
Home-made chocolate heart and speculoos whipped cream 
Vanilla Tart Tatin and ice cream 
Crème brûlée with brown Vergeoise 
Faisselle and its red fruit coulis 
Coffee sweetness (1 coffee and a wonderful mini, pastry specialty Lille)

Children's menu (up to age 10): ?8

Plate of raw vegetables
Beef burger and chips or chicken nuggets or dish of the day (1/2 portion)
Ice cream or fruit salad
1 orange juice