Environmentally responsible hotel

Partnership with Elise

In our hotel we decided to recycle. 
With ELISE , make the choice to enhance your office paper recycling by ensuring solidarity and creating jobs. 
For this, the baskets are made available to employees of your company. ELISE is responsible for the collection, sorting and recycling. 
More than 4,000 companies have already taken the initiative with ELISE, No. 1 of the French collection and office paper recycling. 
+ Ecological: save water, energy, timber and reducing CO2 emissions. 
+ Solidarity: jobs created for persons with disabilities or integration difficulties. 
+ Economic: recycling paper is cheaper than its incineration.


Partnership with Ecovalim

In our hotel we recycle coffee grounds and food fats. 
We value your food waste: 
Sorting and recycling of food waste have become real ecological, economic and strategic, sanctioned by an increasingly demanding legislation.

Recognized expert in the valuation of food waste, ÉCOVALIM is more than ever its advisory role and accompanying in compliance imposed by these new constraints.

Number of CHR, local authorities, companies and organizations trust us, enjoying our expertise in waste recovery, our staff's commitment to sustainable development and transparency of our processes.

Every day our chefs feed the compost

In our hotel we recycle all of our vegetable peelings. 
Composting is a biological process of conversion and recovery of organic materials (by-products of biomass, organic waste biological ...) into a stable, hygienic, similar to a soil rich in humic compounds, compost.


Animals and compost recycle 17 pounds of waste per day