Our professional neighbours

Cofidis (race service)
Delfly (tank transport and truck rental)
Deltour (coach and travel)
France Log (industrial electronics)
Isampro (products interviews)
Jean Beranrd (Printing)
La Botte Chantilly (shoes sale)
La Blanche Porte (mail order)
Lactalis (margarine)
Lamy Lutti (chocolate maker, confectioner)
Larivière (distributor of the roof)
LMC (building and furniture hardware)
Microbox (Printing, packaging)
Okaz music (rental and sale of sound)
Orexad (supply and industrial equipment)
Parédes (professional cleaning and maintenance products)
Pastour (cardboard)
Publiscreen (silkscreen)
P two A (entrepreneurs' nursery)
Sahinler (import, export, textile)
Sdez (linen rental)
Savoie metal roofing (industrial distribution)
Staneley (Alarm, Security, Video Surveillance)
Vandenbulcke (wholesaler of products for the bakery)
Vandenberghe (repair truck weight lours)
Vandermeersch (curtain rod)