Comfort Hotel Garden Lille Tourcoing - Bondues, 59910, France
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In addition to classics, we offer:

Jura Origin 10 years isle of jura

Port Charlotte Bruichladdich Islay

Amrut indian single malt 10years old

Nikka Japan

Ardbeg 10 years old

Cognac: Camus island of Ré

Gin: Bombay Sapphire

Rum: Matusalem large reserve

  • Bar Comfort hotel garden Comfort hotel garden

We also offer 3 beers to the pressure:

Leffe blonde, Stella, A beer of the moment

In Belgian cans:

Tripel Karmeliet, Judas, Charles V

Blonde plow tail, amber, brown

Rince pig blonde and red, Moinette, Livinus, Peace God, Tournay Noire

In French cans:

Linselloise: blonde, amber and brown, beer brewed at 5 km

Angelus, Bellerose, 3 Monts,