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The park at the Comfort Hotel Garden

Our hotel is located in a park of 4000 m²,
overlooked by a blue stone terrace,
a parking, a lake, vineyards, a kitchen garden and a wildlife park.
A unique place in the Lille metropolis!

Our kitchen garden

What could be more satisfying or economical than growing the food that ends up on your plate?

In this economic crisis, kitchen gardens are back in vogue and their popularity is growing among an increasing number of families who care about what they eat. Growing your favourite things in your garden, from sowing the seeds to harvesting the vegetables, is a rewarding experience and soon becomes a genuine pleasure: a pleasure that is not merely limited to those who own a garden, since you can also grow tomatoes, radishes, onions and strawberries in a tub. And the taste of home-grown fruit and vegetables is far superior to what you find in the supermarket..

So what are you waiting for? Get cracking! Our step-by-step tips will soon have you growing your own kitchen garden.

Vines are climbing plants which attach themselves to supports with tendrils.
The woody stems, known as vine shoots, are cut when cultivated, but can reach great lengths in the wild by climbing on trees. The palmate, veined leaves have five main lobes with varying levels of indentation and are heart-shaped at the bottom. Depending on the variety of grape and the species, they can vary greatly in shape.

Our vineyard

The 5-merous flowers are small, green and grouped into clusters. When ripe, the fruits are berries of various shapes and colours. They can be white, yellow or purple and are usually black in the wild.

An accurate description of the variations in shape of the leaves and fruit is required to identify the type of grape. This study is known as ampelography.